My Background

I have always been interested in nature and people.  Photography started as a hobby. A simple pocket size camera and a nice sunny  would take me on an outing. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with cancer that it became more than a hobby. Taking and editing pictures became a focal point in healing. I would create stories, some simple and others funny.  It didn't take long before I was back to my outings, but this time with a new purpose.  


Photography as Communication

My pictures are not pictures.  I don't sit, stand or shoot.  I see something most people don't.  As I look through the lens, I see my next story.  My pictures are about laughter and love.  Though photography, one doesn't need to be able to speak a language.  You can see and feel and interpret.


Sharing Stories

Every picture tells a story.  You may see happiness, sadness, love or peace. One click, one post or one share will send my story to the next individual.

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Whale of a Tail

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